16 April 15


Towards the end of last year I illustrated the cover and an interior poster for The Criterion Collection’s release of Fellini Satyricon. Art Director Eric Skillman designed the cover and I think he did an amazing job.

The dvd and blu-ray were released in late February and can be purchased here. The interior booklet features a 14.5” x 18.5” foldout poster of the character Vernacchio. This is the largest i’ve seen my work in print and it felt a little like Christmas morning opening up the dvd case and unfolding the poster.

I recently found out that the poster was accepted into both American Illustration 34 and Spectrum 22. It was also nominated for a Spectrum award in the Advertising Category. It’s one of those images that really felt like a leap forward, so I’m very pleased that it got into these shows. Thanks again to Eric Skillman for the great assignment!